Avesta Finishing Chemicals is a leading producer of superior pickling products for stainless steel and special alloys. For over 50 years we have worked closely with leading producers of stainless steel. The company is a part of the Böhler Welding Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of welding consumables.

We help you restore the properties of stainless steel

We know how to keep steels stainless. The products are applied and work in a way that introduces no mechanical damage that can weaken the protective layer of the stainless steel. Besides pickling gels, pastes, sprays and liquids, the range also includes maintenance chemicals as cleaning agents.

Latest News

State-of-the-art pickling workshop
MCE opens a pickling workshop in Linz.

We educated 500 customers
During one week we educated customers in Welding and Stainless Steel Cleaning.